Spool Docs

Understanding the Master Spool

The "Master Spool" acts as the main accounting- and routing mechanism within the Spool Ecosystem. Aggregating all actions under one main contract ensures lower gas costs and higher efficiency.
The Master Spool on a technical level is comprised of 3 different Smart Contracts, namely: Spool.sol, Controller.sol, StrategyRegistry.sol
These 3 contracts together form the Master Spool and they are responsible for:
  • Central contract which all Vaults interact with
  • Bookkeeping of all Vaults
  • Central entry point of all deposits into any Vault
  • Checking Strategy and Vault validity
  • Maintaining the Strategy Registry
  • Pausing the system in case of emergency
  • Creating Vaults
  • Adding and removing Strategies
The accounting mechanism also allows Spool to update user deposits and withdrawals without moving money on-chain via smart accounting. Which, again, lowers overall gas costs while using the Spool protocol. Additionally, the Master Spool also ensures the validity of all Strategies and Vaults.