Key Features

A comprehensive list of features that set Spool apart.

Fully Composable DeFi: Spool is an open-ended DeFi toolbox. Create Custom Strategies based on a range of editable inputs. These inputs include an array of Yield Generators, Risk Models, and a certain Risk Appetite.

Completely Automated: Spool automatically compounds yield and adjusts capital allocation to maximize capital efficiency within the constraints of the parameters and Risk Appetite set by each individual Spool Smart Vault.

Permissionless & Non-Custodial: 100% Smart Contract-based. Funds will never enter centralized custody.

Custom Product Development: Spool allows for the creation of Custom Products through its middleware nature. The Protocol has been created in such a way that any affiliated partner can create, present and use custom products without the associated development overhead.

Programmable Risk: Select from established Risk Models or create your own and present it to the DAO. If approved, your Risk Model can be used by Spool Smart Vault Creators.

Earn Fees as a SPOOL Holder: SPOOL Token stakers partake in governance via voSPOOL and accrue 100% of protocol-generated revenue. 80% of revenue is paid out to stakers directly, the remaining 20% goes to the DAO controlled treasury. (note)

Earn Fees as a Spool Smart Vault Creator: Smart Vault Creators can set a performance fee (capped at 20% of yield) for themselves on the protocol level, which allows them to earn fees from users joining their strategy in a transparent way.

White-label solution: End Users can enter and exit Smart Vaults through a single point of access either via the Spool Application, directly through the Smart Contract, or via third-party interfaces using the Spool SDK.

Optional Vault Gating: Smart Vault Creators can opt-in to enable "Gates": entry or exit conditions for Smart Vault Users of the Vault they created. An example would be: "Hold X amount of Y tokens" or "Own a certain NFT" before you can deposit into a given Smart Vault.

Compliance: Spool its second iteration launched while being compliant in multiple jurisdictions. The leading example of this compliance is being fully compliant throughout Europe, which is the case, even with the upcoming legislation detailed in MiCAR & MiFID ll.

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