Spool Docs
Key Features
A comprehensive list of features that set Spool apart.
Fully Composable DeFi: Spool is an open-ended DeFi toolbox. Create Custom Strategies based on a range of editable inputs. These inputs include an array of Yield Generators, Risk Models, and a certain Risk Appetite.
Completely Automated: Spool automatically compounds yield and adjusts capital allocation to maximize capital efficiency within the constraints of the parameters and Risk Appetite set by each individual Spool.
Permissionless & Non-Custodial: 100% Smart Contract-based. Funds will never enter centralized custody.
Programmable Risk: Select from established Risk Models or create your own and present it to the DAO. If approved, your Risk Model can be used by Spool Creators.
Earn Fees as a SPOOL Holder: SPOOL stakers partake in governance via voSPOOL and accrue 100% of protocol-generated revenue. 80% of revenue is paid out to stakers directly, the remaining 20% goes to the DAO controlled treasury.
Earn Fees as a Spool Creator: Spool Creators can set a performance fee (capped at 20% of yield) for themselves on the protocol level, which allows them to earn fees from users joining their strategy in a transparent way.
White-label solution: End Users can enter and exit Spools through a single point of access either via the Spool App, directly through the smart contract, or via third-party interfaces using the Spool SDK.
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