For Business & Finance

The use cases for Spool for "Business & Finance", defined as participants coming from a professional background in either the management of funds or more generic business angles.

Spool aims to lower the barrier between Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance. The following use cases apply for Traditional Business/Traditional Finance:

  • Tax & Administrative Efficiency: Participating in Decentralized Finance as a traditional business would require extensive documentation for taxation & administrative purposes. Spool facilitating a well diversified yield generator means only one entry transaction is made.

  • Full Composability: As a financial institute/fund full-fledged freedom is very important since stringent risk tolerances are in play. Spool gives these parties the freedom to create a yield farming portfolio that suits their needs & risk tolerances.

  • Revive Dead Capital: Spool facilitates short-term yield farming just as much as long-term participation. This allows businesses to generate interest even on short-term dead capital (after a capital raise for example).

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