Spool Docs

Understanding a Smart Vault

A Spool Smart Vault is a Smart Contract (Vault.sol) that stores:
  • The User their selected Yield Generators
    • Up to 18 Yield Generators can be included in one Smart Vault
  • The User their defined Risk Appetite
    • A number between 0 (Risk Averse) and 10 (Risk Seeking)
  • The User their chosen Risk Model
The Smart Contract also acts as an entry point for deposits and withdrawals. However, a Vault Smart Contract does not hold funds directly. The potential amount of Vaults in the Ecosystem is infinite, so every user is able to create their own Smart Vault or join an existing one.
On a technical level, a Spool Smart Vault also stores its own Strategy Allocations (How much money is allocated to which Strategy). These Strategy Allocations are maintained by the Risk Model in combination with the Risk Appetite passed by the creator of a given Vault.
The Spool Smart Vault implementation essentially is a custom "vault" designated to be used as an overarching portfolio management tool.