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Morpho is a DeFi Protocol which acts as a peer-to-peer layer on top of Compound & Aave. When matching users peer-to-peer, Morpho offers better interest rates to both lenders and borrowers on the Compound Protocol as well as on the Aave Protocol. The peer-to-peer layer added by Morpho does not change the liquidity and liquidation guarantees offered by Compound / Aave as a protocol.
  • Name: Morpho
  • Code: Open Source
  • Yield Generation Source: Optimization of Borrowing / Lending
  • Governance Token: Yes
  • Governance Token Rewards: Yes
  • Inception: 2022
  • Bug Bounty: Yes, up to $555,555USD for critical bugs
When funds cannot be matched with a peer on Morpho, rates temporarily equal those of Compound / Aave, this is by design.
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