Spool Docs

Creating a Smart Vault

A visual guide on how to create your own Spool Smart Vault.
Navigate to app.spool.fi and connect your wallet. Head over to "Vault Management" and follow the visual guide:
Click on "Vault Management" after opening the side-bar.
Click on the "Create Vault" button.
After you click on the "Create Vault" button. The main-screen switches to the Vault Creation Process, which looks as following:
Start of the Vault Creation Process.
In the first part of "Vault Creation", we determine what Risk Model we would like to use. After selecting your preferred Risk Model we click on "Select Strategies" which brings up the following screen:
The Strategy Selection Screen.
During the selection of Strategies you can select the Strategies you would like to use in your respective Smart Vault. Keep in mind that after you select a Strategy with a given underlying asset, the page will automatically filter Strategies that include that particular underlying asset.
Select the Strategies you would like to include in your vault, in the above screenshot we have selected the Aave V2 DAI Strategy. The Application has automatically presented us with all Strategies that support DAI as a deposit asset.
When you have completed selecting the Strategies in your respective Smart Vault, please click on "Select Allocation" to proceed to the next step of the Smart Vault Creation Process.
Click on "Choose Allocation" once you have completed selecting the Strategies used in your Smart Vault.
After you have completed the Strategy Selection for your Smart Vault you will have to choose a Risk Appetite. Use the slider marked in green in the screenshot found below to select a Risk Appetite that your Smart Vault should adhere to.
Want to learn more about "Risk Appetite"? Please head over to: Setting a Risk Appetite in order to learn more about setting the Risk Appetite and its respective implications.
Use the Risk Appetite Slider to select the Risk Appetite for your Smart Vault.
While moving the Risk Appetite Slider the page will dynamically display the change in projected APY, as well as the change in the projected Strategy Allocations. Once you are happy with the Risk Appetite you have selected you can click on the "Final Configuration" button at the bottom of the page.
Click the "Final Configuration" Button in order to proceed to the final step of the Smart Vault Creation Process.
When we arrive at the final page of the Smart Vault Creation Process we need to name our Smart Vault. In the example below we have opted for "Smart Vault Example for Documentation" as the name of the Smart Vault. Besides naming the Smart Vault we also have to select a Performance Fee and a Management Fee if we so desire so. More information about Spool its respective fees can be found here Spool Fees.
The final step of the Smart Vault Creation Process.
Once you have chosen a name for your Smart Vault you can confirm all the other settings of your Smart Vault for one final time on this page.
Once a Smart Vault has been deployed its settings cannot be changed for the sake of user-safety, please ensure that the settings of your Smart Vault reflect what you desire to achieve before finalizing the deployment.
When you are happy with the settings visualized on the final page please click on the "Launch" button at the bottom-right corner of the page. Your chosen Web3 wallet will display a pop-up to sign a transaction, after this transaction has been signed and confirmed on the blockchain your Smart Vault will be ready to use in the Spool Ecosystem.
Click on the "Launch" button and sign the transaction to deploy your Smart Vault.
Congratulations! You have now successfully created your very own Spool Smart Vault!