Acquiring voSPOOL

In order to obtain voSPOOL one must stake their SPOOL Tokens. A simple guide on how to start staking SPOOL can be found here.

The staking of SPOOL Tokens does not come with a lockup period, the user is free to unstake at any point in time. voSPOOL generates at a rate of 1/156 voSPOOL per staked SPOOL Token per week and maxes out at 1 voSPOOL per SPOOL.

Unstaking any amount of SPOOL will reset the voSPOOL counter, voSPOOL is non-transferable and non-tradeable.

How long till my voSPOOL starts accumulating?

After staking at any given date the user is included in the next epoch, epochs are 1 week exactly and start on Saturday, around 12:00 AM UTC. The user gets rewarded 1/156 voSPOOL every epoch until the amount of voSPOOL equals the amount of SPOOL Tokens staked.

Am I able to increase the amount of SPOOL I staked?

Yes, the amount of SPOOL staked can be increased without resetting the amount of voSPOOL accumulated. However, unstaking any amount of SPOOL resets the total amount of voSPOOL accumulated back to zero.

Am I able to decrease the amount of SPOOL I staked?

You are free to withdraw your staked SPOOL Tokens at any time, however, withdrawing any amount of SPOOL will reset your voSPOOL back to zero. This ensures that the longer-term SPOOL Holders are rewarded more compared to the short-term participants, without diluting the latter.

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