For Yield Generators

The use cases for Spool for "Yield Generators", defined as new or existing protocols that generate yield and want to get or are already integrated in the Spool Ecosystem.

Spool aims to synergize with current (existing) protocols, and has included many use cases to synergize or utilize them within the Spool Ecosystem:

  • More Liquidity: Spool routes liquidity to any of its supported yield generators, resulting in kickstarting- or expanding liquidity in Spool DAO vetted DeFi protocols.

  • Greater Audience: Spool aims to resonate with an audience which varies from DeFi Experts to 3rd Party Application Users. By being included in the Spool Ecosystem, protocols can attract capital from end users that are unfamiliar with their protocol, effectively allowing them to delegate user acquisition to Capital Aggregators.

  • Consistent and Reliable Participation: Spool rebalances within its supported protocols, without minmaxing for yield, but for Risk/Reward. This rebalancing procedure ensures more reliable TVL for Spool Supported Yield Generators compared to Yield Optimizers who withdraw 100% of their collateral as soon as a better farming opportunity arises.

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