Integration via the SDK

The Spool Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow developers, projects and businesses to integrate a (custom) Spool Smart Vault seamlessly into their back-end, creating true middleware and effectively allowing Spool to be used as a white-label solution.

The SDK is written in NodeJS and can be installed and used as a regular Node Package (npm install Below this paragraph the URL to the documentation of the SDK can be found:

The SDK supports, but is not limited to, the following functionality:

  • Creating a Smart Vault

  • Depositing/Withdrawing assets to/from a Smart Vault

  • Listing Smart Vaults and their details

  • Listing Spool platform data

  • Listing APYs


The Graph is a Decentralized Protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, starting with Ethereum. The Graph makes it possible to query data that is difficult to query directly. A subgraph extracts data from a blockchain, processing it and storing it so that it can be easily queried via GraphQL. The subgraph definition consists of several files:

  • subgraph.yaml: a YAML file containing the subgraph manifest

  • schema.graphql: a GraphQL schema that defines what data is stored for your subgraph, and how to query it via GraphQL

  • AssemblyScript Mappings: AssemblyScript code that translates from the event data to the entities defined in your schema

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