Spool Docs

Integration via the SDK

The Spool Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow developers, projects and businesses to integrate a (custom) Spool Smart Vault seamlessly into their back-end, creating true middleware and effectively allowing Spool to be used as a white-label solution.
The SDK is written in NodeJS and can be installed and used as a regular Node Package (npm install @spool.fi/spool-sdk). Below this paragraph the URL to the NodeJS Package can be found:
npm: @spool.fi/spool-sdk
The Spool Software Development Kit
Documentation on how to effectively use the Spool SDK can be found in the SDK Documentation, linked below:
@spool.fi/spool-sdk documentation
The Documentation of the Spool Software Development Kit
The Spool Protocol also offers a "Testnet", found in the documentation of the SDK linked up top.