Voting on SPOOL Emissions

The implementation of voSPOOL allows the community to participate in the governance of the emissions of SPOOL Tokens to different Spool Smart Vaults. 50% of all SPOOL Token emissions to Smart Vaults are distributed across different Smart Vaults based on how much voSPOOL these respective Vaults get allocated to them.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Make sure you have voSPOOL

    1. voSPOOL can be obtained by staking your SPOOL Tokens

  4. Select the Spool Smart Vaults you wish to allocate your voSPOOL to

  5. Put in how much voSPOOL you want to allocate to a given Smart Vault

    1. Take note: This amount displays the absolute amount of voSPOOL

    2. In the upper left corner, the total amount of voSPOOL you own is displayed

    3. If you want to allocate all your voSPOOL to one particular Vault click on "Max"

  6. Once completed: Click on "Vote"

  7. Sign the transaction with your wallet

    1. The Economical Governance of Spool is based on gasless voting

      1. Meaning your vote does not cost gas

Below is a visual guide of the UI:

After allocating all voSPOOL to the available Spool Smart Vaults, click on ''Vote'' and sign the transaction. Voting on the economical Governance within the Spool Ecosystem is gasless and, therefore, only requires you to sign off on the transaction with your wallet of choice.

The check-box for tax residents of Switzerland is added because Spool Labs is located in Switzerland and requires the tracking of the amount of Swisse tax residents interacting with Spool.

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