For DeFi Protocols

The use cases for Spool for DeFi Protocols, defined as protocols who operate within the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem.

Spool offers two means of synergy for DeFi Protocols, the first is routing liquidity to Yield Generators. For all use cases for Yield Generators please navigate here:

For Yield Generators

The second angle is with DeFi Protocols in need of a Yield Generator as the back bone to their protocol. For those DeFi protocols the following use cases apply:

  • Customizability & Freedom: Protocols that seek yield for the operation of their own ventures will desire to have input on how this yield is generated. Spool allows these protocols to generate yield in their own Spool Smart Vault, which is tailored to their Risk Appetite and inclusive of the underlying Yield Generators that they want to use.

  • Reliability: If a DeFi protocol relies on consistent Yield Generation by a back-end yield generation "engine" like Spool, reliability becomes very important. Spool ensures reliability and consistency through its ability to use multiple Yield Generators at the same time.

  • Risk Adjusted Yield Farming: If Yield is the lifeblood of your DeFi protocol it becomes even more important to minimize the risk of losing the principal deposit. Spool minimizes the risk of losing the principal deposit for DeFi protocols that require yield as a back-end input by allowing to spread the deposit over multiple Yield Generators without the need to manually rebalance.

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