Technical Overview

Spool V2 is the infrastructure layer for Institutional-grade investment into DeFi.

Spool V2 is decentralized middleware that allows anyone to create custom, diversified, and automated DeFi meta-strategies called “Smart Vaults", allowing users to select multiple strategies from a list of supported protocols, choose a Risk Model to assign Risk Scores to the selected strategies, and then set their Risk Appetite.

The Spool Protocol then deploys a Smart Contract that represents the "terms of engagement" the user has chosen. Any deposits through this Smart Contract will be routed to a "Master Contract" (MasterWallet.sol) that manages deposits of all individual Smart Vaults and then to the underlying strategies via separate adapters for each supported strategy. See: Smart Contract Interaction Overview

The Spool Protocol regularly rebalances portfolios while adhering to individual terms to ensure each individual Smart Vault is optimized at all times in terms of risk-adjusted yield.

In this part of documentation, we will be discussing and covering the technical aspects and implementation of the Spool platform.

For more information on the process, please see Systems & Overview and Technical Implementation

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