Risk Model (DeDotFi)

De.Fi is a partnered Risk Model Provider in the Spool V2 Ecosystem. They have a plethora of use cases, one of which is their focus on Smart Contract Risk.

All De.Fi provided Risk Scores and Risk Assessments (for more than just the protocols used by Spool) can be referenced through the following URL:

Their Smart Contract scanner analyses items like upgradeability, time deployed and any known vulnerabilities. On this basis a Risk Assessment score between 0 (extremely risky) and 100 (safe) is established.

Within the Spool Ecosystem, the Risk Grading works in inverse (where 0 is safe and 10 is extremely risky). For that reason, we invert the score provided by and scale it down by a factor of 10 to arrive at a Spool Supported Risk Score.

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