Idle is an Open Source DeFi Protocol that focuses on Yield Optimization and Risk Management. They offer two main products. "Best-Yield" focuses on Yield Optimization and "Risk-Adjusted" focuses on Risk Managed farming. Idle uses existing Yield Generators to auto-compound and rebalance in order to optimize yield and/or manage risk. Additionally, users are rewarded with IDLE Tokens. Idle also offers Tranches as a product, currently Spool supports the "Best-Yield" Product as well as the "Idle Junior Tranches for Euler Finance".

  • Name: Idle

  • Code: Open Source

  • Yield Generation Source: Yield Optimization & Tranching

  • Governance Token: Yes

  • Governance Token Rewards: Yes

  • Inception: 2020

  • Bug Bounty: Yes, up to $250k for critical bugs

Updated the 29th of April 2023, the Spool Protocol has deprecated parts of its Idle Finance Implementation due to the Euler Finance Incident.

The only Idle Finance Strategy remaining is Best Yield DAI.

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