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Contract Addresses
A list of all Official Spool Ecosystem Contract Addresses
All Spool Contract Addresses are currently exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Uniswap SPOOL/DAI Liquidity Pool: 0xf3b675df63fb4889180d290a338fc15c0766fd64

Strategy Contracts

Spool Core Contracts

Voting and Staking Contracts

Contract Name
Contract Address

Genesis Spools Contract Addresses

Convex Direct Query Contract Addresses

If one is to query the Convex Strategies via the Main Spool Contract, the following three Contract Addresses should be used.
All invoked code is found in the list above, these are just for directly querying them in the Main Spool Contract through the registry.
Contract Name
Contract Address
Convex DAI Direct Query
Convex USDC Direct Query
Convex USDT Direct Query
The above three contracts can be used as parameters to query the Convex Strategies and therefore do not have an Etherscan link attached to them.