For Capital Aggregators

The use cases for Spool for "Capital Aggregators", defined as any participant that seeks to create yield farming "Smart Vaults" that are intended to be used by customers or a community.

A participant that aggregates capital from multiple end users, e.g. an exchange or a wallet, can use Spool via the following use cases:

  • SDK Integration: A true White-label Solution allows flawless integration and access into/via any:

    • Front End

    • (3rd Party) Application

    • Web3 Application

    • Smart Contract

  • Customized Yield Farming Strategies: Select the Yield Generators you want to include, the Risk Tolerance that suits your users, and deploy.

  • Efficient Scalability: Every Spool Smart Vault operates within the same network of smart contracts, which means the scaling of the Spool Ecosystem benefits the net cost basis of every participant. Read more about Economies of Scale here.

  • Revenue through Fees: A Capital Aggregator can set a custom creator's fee (capped at 20%) for their Spool Smart Vault. This fee is set up to monetize the community they build the Smart Vault for, while still allowing the users to generate yield. (Fees are only charged on net profit).

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