For Analysts & Researchers

The use cases for Spool for "Analysts & Researchers", defined as participants who have an expertise in doing research and risk analysis in DeFi or Traditional Finance.

Risk Models are an integral part of the Spool ecosystem. With the ability to create Custom Risk Models and the economic incentive of building one, Spool enables Analysts & Researchers to contribute to the Ecosystem while being rewarded for it. The main use cases for these participants are the following:

  • Ease of Use: Integrating a Risk Model in Spool requires very limited coding experience because the majority of complexity happens within the Spool Protocol itself.

  • Composability: Giving researchers and analysts the ability to build their own Spool Smart Vault and their own Risk Models ensures that these participants can enjoy a high level of composability.

  • Freedom: Spool does not impose limitations on how you would like to create your own Spool Smart Vault or Risk Model. The freedom to create your own Vaults and DAO approved Risk Models allows advanced participants, who know what they are doing, to craft their own preferred product.

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