Withdrawing from a Vault

How to withdraw from a Spool Smart Vault.

  1. Navigate and connect your wallet to app.spool.fi

  2. Head to the "Your Vault: Your Spools" section

  3. Click "Withdraw" to make a withdrawal request

    • If you are willing to pay the gas fees click on "Instant Withdrawal"

    • If you would rather save on gas fees:

      1. Wait until the Smart Vault is rebalanced

      2. Once rebalanced, your withdrawal becomes claimable

      3. Click on "Claim"

  4. Success! You have now withdrawn your assets from a Smart Vault, yield is automatically added on top of your withdrawal

There are two types of withdrawals within the Spool Protocol. The buffer exit routine is accompanied by a waiting period, but participants benefit from substantially limited gas fees in comparison to those opting for the "instant withdrawal" option. As the latter term suggests, this option benefits those participants who are looking to immediately obtain their funds, at the cost of higher gas fees. Read more about the Buffer System by clicking here.

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