Switching Blockchains

The Spool Protocol is deployed across multiple Blockchains. The following page displays the Blockchains currently supported by the Spool Protocol:

pageSupported Chains

In order to switch between different Blockchains when interacting with Spool, the user must complete the following steps:

  1. Include the official RPC of the Blockchain you are trying to connect to in the "Networks" Tab of the wallet you are using

  2. Make sure that the Blockchain you are trying to connect to is selected in your respective wallet

  3. Navigate to the Spool Application (Or Click Here)

  4. Connect your wallet to the Spool Application

  5. In the navigation bar of the Spool Application, you will find a button to the left-hand side which displays the current connected Blockchain. Marked in the Screenshot found below.

Click on the green-marked Drop Down Button to select the Blockchain you want to use the Spool Protocol on.

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