Vault Actions

Allowing for (optional) actions on Vault Interaction

Vault Actions expand on the Vault Gating feature. (Much like the Gating feature) Vault Actions have not been part of Spool V1 and, therefore, we will not draw a comparison in this writing.

Vault Actions are customizable "steps" that can be added to a Smart Vault during its creation. Examples of Actions would be:

  • Charging a Deposit Fee

    • An action where a Smart Vault charges a user a percentage of their deposit upon deposit, as with Gates and all other Actions: Charging an additional fee is explicitly shown in the UX and cannot be changed after a Smart Vault is deployed.

  • Paying for an Insurance Policy

    • An action in which (upon depositing into a Smart Vault) insurance is added on top of the deposit automatically.

  • Asset Swaps

    • When a user wants to deposit into an ETH Smart Vault but is only holding USDT, a prime example of a "useful action" would be automatic conversion of USDT to ETH if the user agrees with doing so.

  • Charging a Withdrawal Fee

    • An action which (for example) can be combined with the Time-Lock Gate to allow users to exit a given Smart Vault before the Time-Lock Gate has expired, but paying a fee for doing so.

  • Custom Actions

    • Actions are an additive feature and new actions can always be added upon request.

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