General and Configuration

Guards are configured and executed using GuardManager.sol.

  • Guards can only be configured at vault registration/creation

  • Definitions are persisted using @solmate/utils/SSTORE2.sol


struct GuardDefinition {
   address contractAddress;
   string methodSignature;
   bytes32 expectedValue;
   GuardParamType[] methodParamTypes;
   bytes[] methodParamValues;
   bytes2 operator;
  • Can be any “view” (read-only) function call - they are not allowed to change the state

  • Can dynamically resolve some parameters (e.g. SmartVault address, executor address, receiver address, asset owner address, depositing token addresses, etc.)

  • Can be configured to run at different points in the deposit/withdrawal process:

  • Deposit (user initiates deposit)

  • Withdrawal (user initiates redeem/fastRedeem)

  • BurnNFT (user burns deposit NFT)

  • TransferSVTs (user transfers his SVTs)

  • TransferNFT (user transfers his NFTs)

Spool will be launched with a generic whitelisting contract AllowlistGuard.sol


  • Deposit executor whitelist

  • Deposit beneficiary whitelist

  • Deposit source assets owner whitelist

  • Deposit timelock (users can’t burn deposit NFT until a certain time has elapsed)

  • NFT gating (users are required to own a certain NFT to be eligible for entering a vault)


  • Actions are configured and executed using ActionManager.sol

  • Actions can only be configured at vault registration/creation

  • Actions can modify state

  • Only actions whitelisted by the Spool DAO can be used in Smart Vault creation

  • Actions have to implement the IAction interface.

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