Convex is an Open Source DeFi Protocol that accrues veCRV to boost collective CRV earnings for Curve liquidity providers on Convex while additionally supplementing CVX rewards.

Currently, the supported pools for Convex are:

  • Curve 3Pool (DAI, USDC, and USDT)

    • The default Curve 3Pool supporting the 3 biggest stablecoins

  • Curve alUSD (alUSD + 3Crv)

    • The default Curve 3Pool Liquidity + alUSD, alUSD is the stablecoin of the Alchemix Ecosystem

  • Name: Convex

  • Code: Open Source

  • Yield Generation Source: Providing Liquidity & Accumulating Governance Rewards

  • Governance Token: Yes

  • Governance Token Rewards: Yes

  • Inception: 2021

  • Bug Bounty: Yes, up to $250k for critical bugs

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