Share System

The Spool V2 share system supports two "layers" of shares.

The first one is user shares of Smart Vault Tokens (SVT), and the second one is Strategy Share Tokens (SST).

Both SVT and SST are ERC20 Tokens and SVTs can be transferable or non-transferable, depending on the Smart Vault Configuration. Vault Configuration

In order to receive SVTs, users will be required to burn their NFTs. As a result, the ERC20.balanceOf function will only return a user their unlocked SVTs as a result of burning NFTs.

In addition, there are two view functions to simulate a Vault Sync and NFT burns, to show a user how many SVTs would be made available.

The system can, in some scenarios, allocate Strategy Share Tokens directly to a user, circumventing the Smart Vault.

For now, the only use case for this is during a specific type of Emergency Withdrawal, but we anticipate further use cases emerging in the future.

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