Why Spool?

For more specific use-cases of Spool please check out: Use Cases.

DeFi is an ever-changing landscape. For example, Yields often change based on new market conditions. Another example of this non-static landscape is found in DeFi protocols, which may increase in risk as they become more complicated, or less risky as they become more battle-tested.

This highly dynamic landscape was the breeding ground for Spool. Most users do not have the time, ability, or capital to efficiently (re-) allocate between different Yield Generators.

Spool solves these issues by offering a way to participate in multiple yield generators while maintaining proper diversification, managing risk appetite, and benefiting from economies of scale when it comes to rebalancing and compounding. A user simply deposits into an existing Spool Smart Vault (or makes their own) and in turn enjoys automated and optimized decision-making curated by the Spool DAO.

It's the ultimate "set-it-and-forget-it" solution, since a given Smart Vault will always optimize for the best yield/reward scenario (while being fully decentralized and customizable) with no custodial risks.

Spool is built to manage your retirement money while you spend your time elsewhere.

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