Migrating to Spool V2

In order to migrate your assets from Spool V1 to Spool V2 please follow the steps outlined in the explanation found below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Spool Application:

Open the "side-bar" and click on "Spool V1":

Step 2

After navigating to the Spool V1 Application, please follow the steps outlined in:

pageWithdrawing from a Vault

In order to withdraw your assets from Spool V1.

Step 3

Upon completing a successful withdrawal from Spool V1, please commence with depositing your assets to Spool V2 by completing the steps of deposit outlined in:

pageDepositing into a Smart Vault

After completing all steps to complete a deposit to a given Smart Vault in Spool V2, you have successfully migrated your assets to Spool V2. Congratulations!

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