voSPOOL Mechanics

voSPOOL starts accumulating the next epoch after a user has staked their SPOOL Tokens. It accumulates at a rate of 1/156 per SPOOL Token, per week (one epoch is one week) and maxes out at 1 per staked SPOOL Token.

Staking additional SPOOL Tokens increases the voSPOOL received in the next epoch after staking and does not reset the voSPOOL counter. A user is free to stake additional SPOOL Tokens whenever they desire.

Users are free to withdraw their SPOOL stake at any given point in time, however, withdrawing any amount of staked SPOOL will reset the accumulated amount of voSPOOL back to zero.

Below, you will find an info graphic including some examples on how the mathematics behind accruing and resetting voSPOOL are applied.

voSPOOL for PreDAO Members

PreDAO Members get their full voSPOOL Voting Rights automatically, it does not gradually increase. These voting rights however can only be used for governance and not for voSPOOL Directed Emissions.

When a member of the PreDAO decides to claim their vested SPOOL Tokens their voSPOOL and corresponding voting power disappears. When they decide to stake their SPOOL Tokens again they will have to accrue voSPOOL via the regular route.

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