For Yield Seekers

The use cases for Spool for "Yield Seekers", defined as any user that seeks to earn yield on his stablecoins.

A user that seeks yield on their principal holdings enjoys the following use cases within the Spool Ecosystem:

  • Easy Access to Yield: Without withdrawal or deposit fees!

  • Low Cost of Entry: The Spool Buffer System allows users to use Spool with lower overall gas fees and more efficient transaction management.

  • Risk Managed Yield Farming: Most users do not want to have all their eggs in one basket, but no one wants to manage 10 eggs divided over 10 baskets either. Spool automatically diversifies your deposit in a transparent and upfront informed way.

  • Yield Optimization: It is more efficient to compound assets in Spool due to aggregating all deposits in the same Strategy Adapters. As a result of this process even the small-scale participants end up with more yield.

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