SPOOL Token Metrics

The SPOOL Token Metrics can be found in the table below:

Receiving PartyAmountVesting StartVesting Ended

Founding DAO

11,200,000 SPOOL (8%)

Started on 1-10-2022

Ended on 31-01-2024

Ecosystem, Advisors, and Builders

28,000,000 SPOOL (20%)

Started on 16-11-2022

Ending on 17-03-2024

SPOOL Reward Distribution

80,300,000 SPOOL (57%)

Not applicable

Not applicable

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

10,500,000 SPOOL (7.5%)

Not applicable

Not applicable

New Allocation Team Tokens

10,000,000 SPOOL (7.1%)

Not yet applicable

Not yet applicable

Total Supply:

140,000,000 SPOOL

Introduced on the 13th of March, 2022: A Founding DAO vote has introduced a 6 month cliff for builders and Founding DAO members.

Completed Vesting

All tokens to the Founding DAO have been distributed as of 31-01-2024, no further tokens are allocated to the Founding DAO. The tokens allocated to Advisors, Ecosystem and Builders will complete vesting on the 17th of March 2024.

Token Burn

On the 13th of June 2023 the Spool DAO Executed the Token Burn as laid out in "Spool Improvement Proposal 1.35". Reducing the total supply of the SPOOL Token from 210M to 140M. The transaction hash of the burn can be found here: (External link)

Founding DAO Refund

Initially, the Founding DAO (preDAO) was entitled to 10% (21,000,000) of Total SPOOL Token Supply. Certain Founding DAO Contributors have been refunded (at a rate of $0.05 per SPOOL Token), decreasing their allocation to 8% while increasing the DAO Controlled Treasury from 65% to 67% (From 136,500,000 SPOOL to 140,700,000 SPOOL). These refunds can be referenced here:

pageSpool DAO Treasury

The figures used in the Founding DAO Refund are prior to the Token Burn found above. After the burn the Founding DAO is entitled to a total of 11,200,000 SPOOL Tokens.

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