Entry/Exit Actions - Implementation

Entry and exit actions are a set of predefined but customizable actions that can be tied with users their actions, like depositing into a Smart Vault or withdrawing from it. These actions are selected and configured during the Smart Vault Creation Process. Actions can use the data connected with the action and can call functions of external contracts.

Examples of entry actions are:

  • Charging a fee when depositing to a Smart Vault

  • Pay an insurance fee when depositing to a Smart Vault

  • Swap the asset for another asset upon depositing to a Smart Vault

Examples of exit actions are:

  • Charging an "early-withdrawal penalty"

Once a Smart Vault is created, the set of entry/exit actions and guards the vault was configured with, cannot be changed. Additional off-chain and on-chain validation will be required to avoid combining actions and guards which would incapacitate the vault ("render it useless").

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