Mainnet (Ethereum)

A list of all Official Spool Ecosystem Contract Addresses on Ethereum.

All Contract Addresses on this page apply exclusively to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Spool DAO Treasury: 0xF6Bc2E3b1F939C435D9769D078a6e5048AaBD463

SPOOL Token: 0x40803cea2b2a32bda1be61d3604af6a814e70976

Uniswap SPOOL/DAI Liquidity Pool: 0xf3b675df63fb4889180d290a338fc15c0766fd64

Curve SPOOL/ETH Liquidity Pool: 0x66A0962628BdE82Cb3ddA560f05264407f187827

Strategy Contracts

Spool Core Contracts

Voting and Staking Contracts

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