Genesis Spools (Vaults)

Spool V2

Spool V2 has not launched with "Genesis Smart Vaults", since the Spool DAO does not intent to compete with its respective users and/or Vault Creators.

Please navigate to the following page to create your very own Smart Vault / DeFi Product.

pageCreating a Smart Vault

Spool V1

As a "Proof of Concept" Spool V1 launched with 6 incentivized "Genesis Smart Vaults". These Smart Vaults are not officially supported anymore since Spool V2 has launched. The titles of these Vaults are listed below for historical purposes.

  • Genesis Spool DAI Lower Risk

  • Genesis Spool DAI Higher Risk

  • Genesis Spool USDC Lower Risk

  • Genesis Spool USDC Higher Risk

  • Genesis Spool USDT Lower Risk

  • Genesis Spool USDT Higher Risk

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