What is Spool?

The differences between the Spool Protocol, Smart Vaults, the SPOOL Token and Spool Labs.

Before we go in depth about Spool, let us provide the definitions of essential terminology used in this documentation. In addition to this list of Spool specific terminology, you can find an extensive glossary for general terms here.

Spool Protocol

The Spool Protocol consists of all Smart Contracts that make Spool a usable Decentralized Finance product.

A Spool Smart Vault

A Spool Smart Vault is most easily defined as a new form of "vault".


The SPOOL Token is the token fueling the Spool Ecosystem.

voSPOOL Token

The voSPOOL Token is the voting and governance token in the Spool Ecosystem.

Spool Labs

Spool Labs is a separate entity that is tasked with executing decisions made by the Spool DAO.


The Spool Protocol serves as DeFi middleware, that allows users to participate in a subset of yield generating protocols in a risk diversified, automatically managed, and efficient fashion.

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