Why V2?

Spool V2 is live as of the 21st of November 2023, the application can be found here

Spool "V1" was conceived as early as 2020 and launched in April of 2022. Over the course of time from Q2 2022 until now, the Spool DAO learned that the V1 product lacks adequate functionality as well as flexibility. Both aspects are vital requirements for institutional partners, hence the need to improve was put forth in the form of the Spool V2.

Our Business Development Efforts have been mostly aimed towards institutional parties, with whom conversations are warm and consistently ongoing. Throughout numerous interactions, we learned exactly what the requirements are to lower the barrier of entry for professional participants.

The Spool DAO has managed to produce an upgraded version of V1 through V2. This upgraded iteration retains the majority of battle-tested logic, while the additional features play a vital part in supporting the requirements set forth by institutions.

On top of our institutional conversations, the DAO has also committed significant resources towards investigating the success of other protocols while listening to community feedback. Spool V2 includes the plethora of findings and features that were gathered during this investigation process.

Spool V2 ports over all of Spool V1's features in combination with new features listed in:

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