Why voSPOOL?

The mechanics as well as the economic implications of the voSPOOL implementation are geared towards incentivizing long-term participants rather than favouring short-term "capital mercenaries". SPOOL Token itself is entitled to 100% of Protocol Generated Revenue and therefore has an underlying economical value.

In order to ensure early- and long-term Spool supporters are rewarded more for their longer participation voSPOOL was added on top of the SPOOL Token. Any holder of SPOOL Token is entitled to the exact same amount of Protocol Generated Revenue per SPOOL Token. Whereas voSPOOL holders are rewarded with more voting power, the longer they are staking for.

The mechanism of accruing the majority of voting power to early participants instead of exclusively to "high-net-worth individuals" ensures that long-term participants who clearly demonstrate willingness to contribute to the Spool ecosystem have a majority stake in voting.

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