Creating a Proposal

How to create a Spool Improvement Proposal and present it to the DAO.

In order to create a Spool Improvement Proposal (SIP), a SPOOL (voSPOOL) Token Holder needs to follow the steps listed on this page.

Temperature Check

Before submitting a SIP, a user must complete a temperature check in the Spool DAO Discord. The Discord can be found here:

Make sure to use the appropriate Temperature Check Channel. Keep in mind that this is not a race, allow for a minimum of three (3) days of discussion in the Temperature Check Channel before you commence the next steps.

Submitting a Spool Improvement Proposal

After completing the Temperature Check listed in the first paragraph on this page, the user can commence with creating an SIP. Any Spool Improvement Proposal must meet the following requirements:

  • The SIP must have a concise title without containing any numbers

    • The Spool Forum Moderators will add a number to a SIP once the voting starts

  • Add an understandable explanation in the SIP

    • A non-tech-heavy description

    • "Explain-it-like-I-am-5-years-old" style

  • Add an abstract of what will be done if the SIP is implemented

    • The abstract must not exceed 200 words in total

  • Add a motivation to the SIP

    • The motivation can be as long as required by the user

    • The motivation can contain links

    • The motivation can contain references

  • Add specifications or a glossary if necessary

  • Formulate a clear list of:

    • "For" positions (points that agree with the proposal)

    • "Against" positions (points that disagree with the proposal)

  • Include a submission period

    • This period must be a minimum of three (3) days

  • Include a proposed voting period

    • This period must be a minimum of five (5) days

  • Forum Administrators will put an SIP on Snapshot, which opens voting

    • Please allow for a minimum of three (3) days of extended discussion before expecting the administrators to move the SIP to Snapshot

Becoming eligible to submit an SIP

In order to submit an SIP, it is important that one accumulates voSPOOL to be allowed to participate in Protocol Governance. Read more about accumulating voSPOOL here:

Acquiring voSPOOL

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