Spool Docs

Features of V2

A comprehensive short-list of all Spool V2 Features
Spool V2 has launched with all features from V1, in combination with a massive subset of new features, namely:
    • Support for Volatile Assets means that Smart Vaults in V2 can support deposit currencies which are "unstable".
    • Use Case: Creating Smart Vaults with ETH (or any token) as a deposit currency.
    • Smart Vaults now support Multi-Asset Strategies.
    • Use Case: Multi-Asset Vaults create the ability to create a Smart Vault with "ETH/USDC" Liquidity Pool Tokens as a Deposit Currency, allowing for Strategies like "Uniswap ETH/USDC Liquidity".
    • "Multi-Asset Vaults" is one of the most requested features by Ecosystem Partners.
    • Gating is a feature which ensures that only addresses that meet the requirements can participate in a given Smart Vault.
    • Gating can be achieved through: NFTs, Whitelists, KYCs, and certain Token Balances.
    • Use Case: Allowing users to create Smart Vaults which can only be used by participants who meet the requirements set by the Vault Creator. So, "Holding X amount of Y Token" or "Owning Z NFT".
    • Continuing on the "Gated Vaults" feature: Allows for the completion of custom "actions" when depositing / withdrawing to- and from from a Smart Vault
    • Use Case: Paying for- and locking in insurance when participating in a Smart Vault.
    • Deposit Receipts are either NFTs or Tokens which signal on-chain that a given Address is participating in a given Smart Vault.
    • Use Case: Allowing people to leverage their Spool Smart Vault Deposits since they now have receipts on-chain, much like, for example: aWETH (Aave)
    • Allowing the Smart Vault Creator to set a minimum time of deposit for a given Smart Vault.
    • Use Case: Time-Locks ensure that (if the Smart Vault Creator desires so) assets can be locked for a certain duration. This composability adds a lot more DeFi Use Cases.
    • The Spool V2 Infrastructure allows for Smart Vault Creators to choose between "Selling Token Rewards and Compounding them" or "Holding and Staking Token Rewards"
    • The "Compound / Claim"-Switch is not a V2 MVP Feature and will be added at a later date.
    • Use Case: Allowing Smart Vault users to accumulate reward tokens for their favorite protocols instead of automatically compounding all rewards.
    • Compliance is becoming an increasingly more important topic with Web3 maturing.
    • Spool V2 launches fully compliant in a multitude of jurisdictions, for example: Europe (MiCAR & MiFID ll).
    • Use Case: Allowing institutional users of the Spool Protocol to comply with relevant legislation.
    • Spool V1 did DoHardWork calls on a protocol basis, meaning, every unique Strategy in the entire Spool Ecosystem got compounded at the same time. Asynchronous DoHardWorks allow for discretion on a per-strategy basis on when it should be compounded.
    • Use Case: Offering more composability, allowing more unique Strategies to be incorporated into the Ecosystem, and an overall more efficient Spool Protocol.
    • Smart Administrator Roles allow for multiple Smart Vault Creators per Smart Vault, a feature heavily requested by institutions.
    • Use Case: Allowing Smart Vault Creators to set multiple Addresses as a "Smart Vault Owner".
    • (Optional) A Smart Vault Creator can set Management Fees for their Smart Vault.
    • Use Case: Certain institutional clients we had chats with wanted to "Open" Smart Vaults to the public as long as they could charge a management fee. Management Fees are optional and communicated prior to a user depositing into a given Smart Vault and cannot be changed after the Smart Vault has been created.