Spool Docs


Spool is DeFi middleware, which connects users to existing and new Yield Generators & Yield Optimizers. Spool routes TVL to existing DeFi Protocols while maintaining freedom & flexibility for its users.
Good middleware is unnoticeable. Spool operates in the background to the benefit of all participants within the ecosystem. Spool Smart Vaults can be seamlessly integrated into UIs via the SDK, allowing professional users like businesses to create white-labeled DeFi products for end-users who are unaware of using Spool.
Spool as DeFi Middleware.
P.S. Do you have a recommendation or a DeFi Protocol you would like to see included? Let us know!
P.P.S. Are you a developer or contributor to an existing DeFi Protocol? Contact us! We are always exploring the integration of new strategies to include within Spool.
P.P.P.S. Do you want to create your own Spool Smart Vault to introduce Risk Managed Yield Farming to your community? Head here: