Bridging SPOOL Tokens

In order to bridge SPOOL Tokens from Mainnet Ethereum to Arbitrum One or from Arbitrum One to Mainnet the User must use the Official Arbitrum Bridge:

First: Import the correct Contract Address in order to be able to select the SPOOL Token. The Contract Addresses of the Token can be found here:

pageUnderstanding the SPOOL Token

After selecting the SPOOL Token, enter the amount you would like to bridge and ensure that the location you are bridging to is set correctly.

When a user wants to bridge his SPOOL Tokens "to" Arbitrum, select "From Mainnet" When a user wants to bridge his SPOOL tokens "to" Ethereum, select "From Arbitrum One"

After completing the inputs of both the token address as well as the amount: Follow the UI and sign the transactions prompted by the wallet of choice. Make sure that all transactions you are signing originate from the Official Arbitrum Bridge UI.

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